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The Team

The Artiste TEAM is a composition of DJs, Producers, Artistes, Radio Personalities and Businessmen. All with the mission of revolutionising the music industry in their homeland of Trinidad & Tobago and the world.

The core members of the Artiste Team are among of the best in the entertainment industry, who dominate the night clubs / night life / party life of T&T. The  Artiste Team consists of members:

  • Justin "Assassin" Singh
  • Ryan "Spartan" Singh
  • Marcus Maximin
  • Stefon X. Moore
  • Akil "Tegarooks" Williams
  • Kerron David
  • Revlohn Forde
  • Christian DJ De Gannes
  • Ricardo De Gannes


The Artiste Team also has a great presence on the radio airwaves of T&T, as multiple members host and DJ various radio shows on 96.1WEFM and SLAM 100.5 FM.

With a huge buzz around this team....party patrons, radio listeners and fans can expect nothing less than full vibes and energy when the Artiste Team is around.

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